Evernote as a Kanban board

Save time by getting a quick Kanban view of your notes

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Bring the power of Kanban to Evernote

Evernote provides a powerful service to organize your documents, ideas, notes, and even your tasks. But it's not visual enough to fully control your tasks and that's where Kanbanote comes in. By adding the Kanban view, multi-board, and drag'n'drop functionality it turns your Evernote in to a true productivity tool.

Kanbanote is optimized for Getting Things Done methodology combined with The Secret Weapon method.

Set up your Kanban in 2 minutes

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Create each list based on your Notebooks and/or Tags

Enjoy the view

You can now create, update, and drag'n'drop your notes

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Automate your life

Boost your productivity by integrating Kanbanote with Google Inbox or any third party service of your choosing.

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Integrate with Gmail

Use snoozever to get your Gmail snoozed emails directly to your Evernote/Kanbanote

Connect with Gmail

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Integrate with any other app with IFTTT

Connect any app to Evernote/Kanbanote with IFTTT (If This Then That)

Connect with IFTTT

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Integrate with any other app with Zapier

Connect any app to Evernote/Kanbanote with Zapier

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